In Italian, Dalla Patria means “From the Homeland”.  When Jen and I started this business, our goal was to bring a little piece of the homeland to people in the U.S.  For us, Italy is the homeland.  But one of the great things about the U.S. is that people come from all over and every corner of the world is a “Homeland” to someone in the U.S. 

To us, Homeland conveys a sense of family, a homemade meal, a special gift, something that transports you to another place through its presence.  For that reason, it is important to us that the products that we bring you are handmade and come with a story.  When you buy something from Dalla Patria, we want you to know not just what you are buying, but where it is from and the story behind it.

Our wooden holding crosses are made from the wood of Olive Trees that are grown in Bethlehem and have been around since the time of Christ.  These crosses are hand carved by local artisans and bring a bit of the Holy Land to you and bring a bit of you to the Holy Land every time you hold it.

Our bags from Honduras are hand made by woman who are looking to escape a vicious cycle of poverty that occurs in the villages that are farther from the main cities.  These women are often left to raise and support their children on their own and the sales of these bags provide income and a path forward to these courageous women and their children.

Our products from Kenya come from the village of Sanjweru (population 1,200) which is in the Suba District of Homabay county in Kenya.  We are working with a local entrepreneur who is working to help lift his neighbors out of poverty through the creation and sales of the goods available through Dalla Patria.

Italy is a much more developed nation but is the home to many fine craftsmen (and women).  We have worked to find some of the best and are excited to bring you handcrafted wood pieces, linens and ceramics.

We are constantly looking for new countries to unlock and bring to you.  If you have a country that is of particular interest, let us know and we will do what we kind to source products and bring a little bit of the country home to you.

July 08, 2019 — Andy Gesek
Tags: news pottery