On August 24th, the Christian calendar commemorates the feast day of Saint Bartholomew, one of the lesser-known but deeply revered apostles of Jesus. Often referred to as Nathanael in the Gospel of John, Bartholomew's life is an inspiring testament to faith, discipleship, and the transformative power of encountering Christ.

Little is known about Bartholomew's early life, but his encounter with Jesus was a turning point that ignited his journey of discipleship. In the Gospel of John, we see Philip, a fellow disciple, bringing Nathanael to Jesus. Nathanael's skepticism quickly gave way to awe when Jesus revealed His knowledge of Nathanael's inner thoughts. This encounter speaks to Bartholomew's openness to truth and his willingness to follow Christ, even in the face of doubts.

As an apostle, Bartholomew played a significant role in spreading the Gospel. While historical records are scant, tradition holds that he ventured to various parts of the world to preach the message of Jesus. His missionary efforts are believed to have taken him to regions as diverse as Armenia, India, and Ethiopia. Bartholomew's unwavering commitment to sharing the Good News stands as an inspiration to modern believers, urging us to take the message of faith to all corners of the earth.

Saint Bartholomew's legacy also extends to his martyrdom, a testament to his unyielding devotion to Christ. Tradition holds that he was flayed alive and crucified for his faith. Even in the face of such brutality, Bartholomew's steadfastness speaks to the enduring power of faith and the indomitable spirit of those who bear witness to the love and teachings of Jesus.

As we honor Saint Bartholomew on his feast day, let us remember his journey from skepticism to faith, his missionary zeal, and his ultimate sacrifice. His story encourages us to embrace the call to discipleship with courage, to seek truth with an open heart, and to boldly share the message of Christ's love in a world that continues to thirst for hope and salvation.
Andy Gesek