Green painted holding cross in sand with palm leaves

Our Materials

We take great pride in sourcing high quality materials from important locations around the world. 

Bethlehem Olive Wood

Bethlehem Olive Wood products bear a profound significance in religious contexts, reflecting the rich tapestry of spirituality woven throughout the Holy Land. Sourced from the ancient olive trees that have stood witness to millennia of history, this wood carries a deep symbolism of peace, prosperity, and divine grace. Crafted into exquisite gifts, each piece resonates with the sacred heritage of Bethlehem, where the biblical narrative unfolded. Whether fashioned into crosses, nativity sets, or intricately carved ornaments, Bethlehem Olive Wood artifacts serve as tangible expressions of faith, bridging believers to the timeless traditions and spiritual sanctity of the region.

Jerusalem Stone

Jerusalem stone holds a sacred significance in religious settings, embodying centuries of spiritual heritage and cultural resonance. Quarried from the revered land of Jerusalem, this unique limestone carries the weight of history, connecting believers to the hallowed grounds where prophets once walked and scriptures were born. Its distinct hues and textures not only symbolize the enduring presence of faith but also serve as a tangible link to the holy sites of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. As we fashion this ancient stone into cherished gifts, each piece becomes a vessel of reverence, offering believers a tangible reminder of their spiritual journey and a profound connection to the timeless legacy of Jerusalem.

Green Irish Marble

Green Irish Marble holds a profound significance for those with personal ties to Ireland, evoking a deep sense of connection to the Emerald Isle's rugged landscapes and storied history. Quarried from the verdant hills of Ireland, this unique marble bears the lush hues of the countryside, encapsulating the essence of the island's natural beauty. Each piece of Green Irish Marble serves as a tangible reminder of ancestral roots and cherished memories. For those with Irish heritage or a love for the land, these artifacts become cherished treasures, imbued with the spirit of Ireland and the enduring bond to its timeless allure.