Saint John of the Cross, whose feast day is celebrated on December 14th, is a prominent figure in Christian mysticism and a true exemplar of a profound spiritual journey. His life and writings continue to inspire seekers of inner illumination and connection with the divine.

St. John of the Cross was a Spanish Carmelite friar and priest in the 16th century. He is most renowned for his writings, which delve into the depths of the human soul's relationship with God. His most famous work, "The Dark Night of the Soul," explores the spiritual challenges and transformations one encounters in the pursuit of divine union. Saint John's teachings emphasize the purification of the soul and the importance of letting go of attachments to worldly desires to attain a higher spiritual plane.

On the feast day of Saint John of the Cross, we not only honor his profound insights into the spiritual life but also find inspiration to embark on our own spiritual journeys. His writings remind us of the transformative power of faith and the enduring pursuit of a deeper connection with the divine. As we commemorate his feast day, we are encouraged to seek the light that can emerge from the dark night of the soul, trusting that with faith and perseverance, we can draw nearer to the divine presence.
Andy Gesek