On April 25th, Christians commemorate the Feast of Saint Mark, recognizing the life and contributions of the evangelist who penned the second Gospel in the New Testament. Saint Mark is renowned for his association with the apostles Peter and Paul and is often depicted as the lion, symbolizing the powerful and majestic nature of his Gospel narrative. Beyond his role as a Gospel writer, Saint Mark's life is marked by a fervent commitment to spreading the teachings of Jesus and, ultimately, paying the ultimate price for his faith.


Saint Mark's Gospel serves as a vibrant account of the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His writing style is characterized by vivid storytelling and a focus on action, portraying Jesus as a powerful and compassionate figure. Tradition holds that Saint Mark traveled with Saint Peter, absorbing firsthand the experiences and teachings of the apostles, which he then shared with the early Christian communities. The Feast of Saint Mark invites believers to delve into the richness of his Gospel, exploring the transformative message it carries for the faithful.


As we honor the Feast of Saint Mark, let us not only appreciate his literary contributions but also reflect on the courage and dedication that marked his life. Tradition suggests that Saint Mark faced persecution for his faith and was eventually martyred for his unwavering commitment to Christ. His martyrdom becomes a poignant reminder that the proclamation of the Gospel often comes with sacrifice. May this feast day inspire Christians to embrace the teachings of Saint Mark, cultivating a bold faith that overcomes obstacles and boldly shares the transformative message of Christ.

April 25, 2024 — Andy Gesek