On September 21st, the Christian world commemorates the feast day of Saint Matthew, an apostle whose life story embodies the transformative power of encountering Christ's mercy and call to discipleship. Also known as Levi, Matthew's journey from tax collector to apostle serves as an inspiring testament to the boundless reach of God's grace.

Matthew's life prior to his encounter with Jesus was marked by a profession that often earned him disdain and scorn: tax collection. Yet, it was precisely in the midst of this controversial occupation that Jesus saw potential and extended an invitation that would forever alter Matthew's course. The Gospel accounts reveal that Jesus' simple call, "Follow me," was met with an immediate response—a response that highlights the readiness of a repentant heart to embrace God's love and grace.

Matthew's transformation didn't end with his decision to follow Jesus. His subsequent actions as a disciple and apostle further underscore the radical change that occurred within him. Matthew's Gospel stands as a testament to Christ's teachings and the unfolding narrative of salvation history. His account highlights the universality of Christ's message—a message that transcends societal divisions and calls all to conversion and discipleship.

As we honor Saint Matthew on his feast day, we are reminded that God's mercy knows no bounds. Just as Matthew's life was redirected from the pursuits of material gain to the pursuit of eternal treasures, we too are called to examine our hearts, embrace God's mercy, and respond to His call to follow. Saint Matthew's story resonates with us today, urging us to leave behind the burdens of our past and embrace the transformative journey of discipleship, where God's mercy and love guide our every step.
Andy Gesek