Saint Thomas the Apostle, whose feast day is celebrated on December 21st, is a figure known for his moment of doubt and ultimate affirmation of faith. His story reminds us that doubt is a natural part of the human journey, but it can lead to a deeper, unwavering belief.

Thomas, often referred to as "Doubting Thomas," earned this nickname because of his initial skepticism when the other disciples told him they had seen the resurrected Jesus. He famously declared that he would not believe unless he saw and touched the wounds of Jesus. However, when Jesus appeared to him and invited him to do just that, Thomas's doubt transformed into a profound affirmation of faith. He exclaimed, "My Lord and my God!" This transformation is a powerful reminder that doubt can pave the way for a more profound and unshakable belief.

On the feast day of Saint Thomas the Apostle, we commemorate not only his brief moment of doubt but also the strength of his eventual faith. Thomas's story teaches us that questioning and seeking evidence can be a natural part of our spiritual journey. It is a day to celebrate the journey from doubt to belief, acknowledging that even in moments of uncertainty, there is always an opportunity to encounter the divine and reaffirm our faith. Just as Thomas encountered Jesus, may we too find moments of deep spiritual connection on our own paths of faith.
Andy Gesek