On November 17th, the Catholic Church commemorates the feast day of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, a saint known for her profound compassion and dedication to serving the poor and marginalized. Born in 1207 to Hungarian royalty, St. Elizabeth's life is a testament to the transformative power of love and service, making her a beloved figure in the Catholic tradition and beyond.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary is often remembered for her acts of charity, including the creation of a hospital to care for the sick and destitute. Her life exemplified the Gospel message of helping those in need, and she even risked her own comfort and social standing to assist those who were suffering. Her deep faith and commitment to the poor were enduring, serving as a reminder that the call to serve and care for the less fortunate is at the core of the Christian message.

On her feast day, November 17th, the faithful celebrate the life and legacy of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. Her story is an inspiration to all, demonstrating that one person's unwavering commitment to compassion and altruism can bring about positive change in the world. St. Elizabeth's life reminds us that acts of kindness, no matter how small, have the power to transform lives and bring hope to those in need. As we reflect on her legacy, we are encouraged to embrace the call to serve and love our neighbors, following in her footsteps of selflessness and devotion to those less fortunate.
November 17, 2023 — Andy Gesek