Did you ever start down a certain path and then get pulled in a different (and ultimately better) direction?  We know that we have had that happen to us many times in our life and we’ve learned over the years to embrace it rather than fight it.

When we started Dalla Patria, we thought that what we wanted to do was to bring handcrafted gifts from around the world to people in the U.S.  So we started on that mission. 

As we walked the path over the past nine months, we’ve felt called to a different direction. We’ve experienced an outpouring of love and support for our core religious products and have come to realize that the fulfillment that we get out of the company is in helping people feel closer to God and to share God’s love with others.

As we enter 2020, we have decided to embrace this path rather than fight it.  We will be highlighting our religious products on our website.  We will be regularly sharing inspirational bible quotes and pictures on our Facebook page.  And we have started a Prayer Intention page on our website.  This page will be updated monthly and will allow all in our community to pray for the intentions of one another.  We are hoping to grow this community over time to allow us to share, love, support and inspire one another.

As we figure out exactly what this path means, we may continue to offer non-religious items as a way to help improve the lives of specific disadvantaged people.  When we brought on our current product lines from Kenya and Honduras we were as excited about the stories as we were about the products.  As a reminder, our Kenya products are all sourced from a small village of less than 1,200 people.  We were connected to a young budding entrepreneur by a local charity, Touching Lives Kenya.  When we spoke to Michael by video call, met his family and saw his village, we were moved.  Similarly, when we talked to Touching Hearts in Honduras, we were inspired by the story of the single mothers and the way their lives were uplifted through the sewing and selling of their bags.  We knew that we wanted to do what we could to help these communities.  We will continue to offer their products and see where the path takes us for future products.

Thank you for being part of our journey.  Feel free to send us your thoughts.  We get inspiration from new sources every day.  We are excited to continue down this path, wherever it may lead…

Andy Gesek