Jerusalem Stone Comfort Cross - Bereavement


Introducing the "Jerusalem Stone Comfort Cross"

The Jerusalem Stone Comfort Cross is a profound and spiritually enriched product designed to bring solace and reassurance during times of bereavement. Crafted from Authentic Jerusalem stone, sourced from the Holy Land itself, each cross contains two unique crosses that hold a sacred connection to the spiritual heritage of Jerusalem. Measuring approximately 4" by 3", these crosses carry not only the weight of profound symbolism but also the divine essence of a land revered by countless faithful worldwide.


1. Authentic Jerusalem Stone from the Holy Land: The crosses are meticulously cut from genuine Jerusalem stone, a material that hails from the very heart of the Holy Land. Its origin in Jerusalem imbues it with a deep religious significance, fostering a tangible connection to the spiritual roots of the Christian faith.

2. Two-Piece Design: Each set includes two distinct crosses, one smooth and the other rough, symbolizing the dual nature of existence. The smooth cross, meant to be placed in the casket or urn with the departed, represents the serene peace experienced in heaven. The rough cross, remaining with the living, embodies the earthly challenges faced while preserving the memory of their beloved.

3. Comforting Symbolism: By keeping one cross and leaving the other with the departed, the Divine Connection Comfort Cross Set creates a tangible reminder of the enduring spiritual bond between the living and the deceased. This physical representation serves as a source of strength, hope, and divine solace during the mourning process.

4. Gift Box and Certificate of Authenticity: Each set comes elegantly presented in a kraft gift box, reflecting the reverence and respect deserved by these sacred symbols. Moreover, a certificate of authenticity certifies that the crosses are indeed crafted from the authentic Jerusalem stone of the Holy Land.


- Embracing Spiritual Roots: With its origin from the Holy Land, the Jerusalem stone connects users to the very essence of Jerusalem, fostering a profound sense of spiritual belonging and comfort during moments of grief.

- Embodying Sacred Symbolism: The smooth cross embodies the peace experienced by the departed in heaven, while the rough cross symbolizes the earthly challenges faced by the living. Together, they remind us of life's spiritual journey and the eternal connection with our loved ones.

- An Everlasting Connection: By keeping one cross and leaving the other with the departed, the set acts as a powerful testament to the enduring bond that transcends death, allowing the memory and love of the deceased to remain alive forever.

The Divine Connection Jerusalem Stone Comfort Cross Set is a deeply thoughtful and spiritually meaningful gift, carrying the sacred essence of Jerusalem's religious heritage. Its presence brings strength, solace, and a profound connection to the Holy Land, serving as a beacon of hope and faith during the challenging times of grief and loss.

Note that this is for use with a death or a funeral.  For a comfort cross for people who are separated by distance, use our Jerusalem Stone Comfort Cross - Separation.  Click here to shop the Jerusalem Stone Comfort Cross - Separation.


Closeup of Jerusalem stone cross on wooden table

Jerusalem Stone

Jerusalem stone holds a sacred significance in religious settings, embodying centuries of spiritual heritage and cultural resonance. Quarried from the revered land of Jerusalem, this unique limestone carries the weight of history, connecting believers to the hallowed grounds where prophets once walked and scriptures were born. Its distinct hues and textures not only symbolize the enduring presence of faith but also serve as a tangible link to the holy sites of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. As we fashion this ancient stone into cherished gifts, each piece becomes a vessel of reverence, offering believers a tangible reminder of their spiritual journey and a profound connection to the timeless legacy of Jerusalem.

Customer Reviews

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christine foley

The Jerusalem Crosses are exactly what I hoped for. Thank you

Gardens of Gethsemani
Excellent Product, high quality

Jennifer is a pleasure to deal with, the Crosses and Angels are beautifully made and loved by all our families.

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
Unbelievable Improvement

The comfort cross has always been an emotional token provided to our At-Need families. Unfortunately, shipping has been an issue (breaking). The new boxes are so much more personalized... so beautiful and touching. Thank you!!!

Molly Hartman
It’s a comforting thoughtful gift

We received a set when my mother died. It was a thoughtful gift and brought comfort.
When my father died we put the other half in his casket.


Beautiful and a great memory.