Angel of My Heart


Discover the Angel of My Heart: A Profound Connection in Authentic Jerusalem Stone

Unveil the profound beauty and meaning of our Angel of My Heart, a meticulously crafted 2-inch figurine crafted from Authentic Jerusalem Stone. This exquisite design features two pieces, an angel and a heart, symbolizing a powerful and eternal connection.

Authentic Jerusalem Stone holds deep spiritual significance, sourced from the sacred land of Jerusalem. With centuries of history and devotion embedded in its essence, this stone adds a profound touch to the symbolism of the Angel of My Heart. Representing strength, spirituality, and divine presence, the Jerusalem Stone infuses this figurine with an ethereal quality, making it a remarkable tribute to enduring bonds and cherished connections.

The two-piece design of the Angel of My Heart allows for versatile usage, making it a perfect bereavement gift, separation gift, and a thoughtful present for God Parents.

In moments of loss, the Angel stays with the deceased in the casket or urn, while the heart becomes a tangible reminder of the eternal connection, comforting and strengthening the living. This heartwarming gesture offers solace and comfort during times of grief, keeping the memory of the departed alive in the heart of their loved ones.

For those separated by distance, the angel becomes a cherished companion for a child living away from a relative, while the heart stays with the relative, serving as a constant reminder of their unbreakable connection and love.

The Angel of My Heart also makes an unforgettable gift for God Parents. The God Parent keeps the angel as a symbol of guidance and protection, while the heart stays with the baby, representing a lifelong bond and spiritual connection.

Experience the Angel of My Heart, a beautiful tribute to eternal connections and cherished bonds, crafted from Authentic Jerusalem Stone. Order now to embrace this meaningful piece and honor the lasting love shared with your beloved ones. Let the profound essence of Jerusalem Stone enhance the significance of this angelic figurine, representing the timeless connection between hearts.

"I leave this little heart with you, a symbol of our love so true. This angel I shall always keep while knowing in God's arms you sleep."

Comes in a satin gift bag.
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Jerusalem Stone

Jerusalem stone holds a sacred significance in religious settings, embodying centuries of spiritual heritage and cultural resonance. Quarried from the revered land of Jerusalem, this unique limestone carries the weight of history, connecting believers to the hallowed grounds where prophets once walked and scriptures were born. Its distinct hues and textures not only symbolize the enduring presence of faith but also serve as a tangible link to the holy sites of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. As we fashion this ancient stone into cherished gifts, each piece becomes a vessel of reverence, offering believers a tangible reminder of their spiritual journey and a profound connection to the timeless legacy of Jerusalem.

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Beautiful keepsake

This is a very high-quality, beautiful piece to cherish forever.