Olive wood Rosary made in Jerusalem Holy Land.


Introducing an exquisite masterpiece of faith, the 21" Beautiful High-Quality Catholic Rosary, made from olive wood from olive trees in the Holy Land meticulously crafted with a profound touch of authenticity.

Each bead, lovingly formed from the sacred Olive Wood of Bethlehem, bears the essence of a storied history and spiritual significance.

Handpicked from the very heart of Jerusalem Holy Land, these Olive Wood Beads embody the timeless heritage and devotion of the faithful. Sourced from the ancient olive groves of Bethlehem, renowned for their spiritual aura, this rosary exudes a profound connection to the roots of Christianity.

Immerse yourself in the palpable aura of divine history as you run your fingers over the smooth, polished surface of each bead. The richly textured grain and earthy aroma of the Olive Wood offer a unique sensory experience, transporting you to the hallowed lands where the Messiah walked.

The Metal Crucifix, gracefully suspended from a single row of these precious Olive Wood Beads, serves as a powerful reminder of Christ's ultimate sacrifice and unwavering love for humanity. This rosary not only facilitates your prayers but also becomes a tangible link to the profound teachings of Christianity.

By owning this extraordinary Catholic Rosary, you carry with you a piece of history, tradition, and spiritual devotion that spans generations. Let the authenticity of Bethlehem Olive Wood infuse your prayers with a deeper sense of purpose and significance, as you connect to the divine in a way only these sacred beads can offer.

Elevate your spiritual journey and cherish this symbol of faith, where every bead is a testament to the enduring power of belief and the unbreakable bond between humanity and the divine. Embrace the magnificence of an authentic treasure – your very own Olive Wood Rosary from Bethlehem, designed to uplift your heart and soul with each reverent touch.

Four olive wood crosses with palm leaves

Bethlehem Olive Wood

Bethlehem Olive Wood products bear a profound significance in religious contexts, reflecting the rich tapestry of spirituality woven throughout the Holy Land. Sourced from the ancient olive trees that have stood witness to millennia of history, this wood carries a deep symbolism of peace, prosperity, and divine grace. Crafted into exquisite gifts, each piece resonates with the sacred heritage of Bethlehem, where the biblical narrative unfolded. Whether fashioned into crosses, nativity sets, or intricately carved ornaments, Bethlehem Olive Wood artifacts serve as tangible expressions of faith, bridging believers to the timeless traditions and spiritual sanctity of the region.

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Laura Lozano
Very Much Pleased

Thank you Jen, very much appreciated your help

Ayman Hasan
Great gift

Just a wonderful gift. My good friend, his wife passed, it wasn’t easy.
He was very grateful for the rosary.

Thank you !

Donna Barnhart

It’s beautiful. Just what I needed


This rosary, my first one has meant a lot to me


Olive wood Rosary made in Jerusalem Holy Land.