Welcome to Holy Land Wood and Stone, where we offer unique and meaningful fundraising opportunities tailored for Catholic schools. Our authentic Bethlehem Olive Wood holding crosses and Jerusalem Stone heart products create not just fundraisers but lasting connections rooted in faith.

Fundraiser Options:

1. Engraved Bethlehem Olive Wood Holding Crosses:
- Personalize these powerful symbols of faith with your school's logo or motto.
- An enduring reminder of support and unity within your school community.

2. Two-Piece Heart Set from Authentic Jerusalem Stone:
- Perfect for a "Keep One, Give One" fundraiser, fostering love and connection.
- Crafted from genuine Jerusalem Stone, symbolizing strength and solidarity.

3. Customizable Jerusalem Stone Christmas Ornaments:
- Add a touch of faith to the festive season with ornaments featuring your school logo.
- Ideal for collecting orders at your school or utilizing our online ordering platform.

How it Works:

Effortless Order Collection:
- Collect orders manually at your school or utilize our convenient online ordering system.

Dedicated Email Support:
- Receive a specially crafted email template to easily explain and promote your fundraiser to your school community.

Generous Returns:
- Your school benefits from 50% of the net sales, providing substantial funds for your needs.

Customization Options:

Design Your Own Fundraiser:
- Collaborate with us to create a custom product that aligns perfectly with your school's identity and goals.

Get in Touch:

For more information or to kickstart your school fundraiser journey, contact us at Jen@HolyLandWoodAndStone.com or call 610-212-3033. Let's unite in faith and education, creating lasting impact and support for your school community.