Welcome to Holy Land Wood and Stone, where we offer unique and purpose-driven fundraising opportunities tailored for non-profit organizations. Our authentic Jerusalem Stone products, including the Two-Piece Heart Set and Customizable Christmas Ornaments, provide a meaningful way to support and further your noble cause.

Fundraiser Highlights:

1. Two-Piece Heart Set from Authentic Jerusalem Stone:
- Symbolize the unity and strength of your cause with genuine Jerusalem Stone.
- Encourage connections and contributions with this impactful "Keep One, Give One" fundraiser.

2. Customizable Jerusalem Stone Christmas Ornaments:
- Infuse the holiday spirit with ornaments bearing your non-profit's logo.
- A festive and faith-filled way for your supporters to contribute to your cause.

Explore Other Options:

Discover additional fundraising possibilities, including Engraved Bethlehem Olive Wood Holding Crosses and Custom Products crafted to uniquely represent your non-profit's mission.

Streamlined Fundraising Process:

Efficient Order Collection:
- Choose between collecting orders manually or utilizing our user-friendly online platform.

Tailored Email Support:
- Receive a personalized email template to effectively communicate your fundraiser to your supporters.

Generous Returns:
- Your non-profit benefits from 50% of the net sales, offering significant financial support for your initiatives.

Customization Opportunities:

Design Your Impact:
- Collaborate with us to design a custom product that encapsulates the essence of your non-profit's goals.

Get Started:

For more information or to launch your non-profit fundraiser, reach out to us at Jen@HolyLandWoodAndStone.com or call 610-212-3033. Let Holy Land Wood and Stone be your partner in making a lasting impact through faith, connection, and meaningful contributions.