In moments of need, we understand the power of support and compassion. If you, or someone within your community, is facing challenges such as unforeseen medical expenses, the sudden loss of a loved one, or the hardships of unemployment, Holy Land Wood and Stone stands ready to be your ally in a special kind of fundraiser. Let us join forces to uplift those in need, bringing the community together to raise funds with a purpose and a heart full of faith.


Choose Your Symbol of Faith

Select from our exquisite range of products to personalize your fundraising journey:

1. Journey Crosses (Custom Color Option): Illuminate your cause with the brilliance of faith by choosing a special color for our stunning Journey Crosses.

2. Bethlehem Olive Wood Products (Special Engraving): Engrave a message of hope on our Bethlehem Olive Wood products, creating a unique and cherished item for your supporters.

3. Jerusalem Stone Treasures: Embrace the timeless beauty of Jerusalem Stone, symbolizing strength and unity, as a powerful fundraising product.

Custom Prayer Cards for a Personal Touch

Enhance the spiritual connection by including custom prayer cards. Choose from our pre-existing prayers or collaborate with us to craft a special prayer tailored to your cause or the individual you're fundraising for.

Effortless Online Presence

We make it easy for you and your community to participate. We'll create a dedicated webpage featuring your chosen product and prayer card, making it accessible for online orders.

Seamless Communication

Receive a personalized email template that you can effortlessly send out to your supporters, inviting them to join this meaningful endeavor.

Supportive Partnership

We handle the orders from start to finish, ensuring a smooth process. You receive 50% of the Net Sales to contribute to your worthy cause.

Unifying Prayer and Purpose

Imagine the impact of having all your supporters share the same product and prayer card, uniting in prayer for your cause while contributing to its success.

Get Started

Embark on this faith-filled fundraising journey with Holy Land Wood and Stone. Let us create a unique and powerful symbol for your cause, fostering unity, support, and divine intervention.

For inquiries and to kickstart your Individual Fundraiser, send us an email at or call 610-212-3033. Together, let's illuminate the path of faith and compassion.